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TumbleBooks – A great e-library to use in the classroom




An invaluable resource that I use in my classroom almost everyday is called TumbleBooks. It is an e-library full of wonderful stories ranging from early years readers to both middle and upper school readers. It is something that my students have come to expect while eating their lunch everyday. It keeps them quiet and makes for an organised  eating time. The students will come up with title suggestions from something that they may have read at home. They will often include a story in their home reading log  for the night which has created new interest in our class home reading program. Some stories have games and activities attached which are more for fun than a literacy focus.

I suggest that you all read the book ‘5o below zero’. My class has listened to it over and over. I think I can just about recite it word for word. The narration by Robert Munsch is very appealing and the students just love it.

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