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After using Edmodo now for a few weeks I thought it might be time to discuss how I could use it in my classroom.


At first, having used nothing like this before, I felt very overwhelmed and really believed it was too hard for me and definitely too hard to introduce into a classroom situation.


WRONG! I am a big fan and can see endless ways to use it in my classroom. It is a very easy site to navigate around and it is simple for the students to post comments and reply to fellow student’s thoughts and ideas.  ICT is becoming an integrated part of any classroom. The more, as teachers, we expose the students to the correct ways to use such social networking tools the fewer problems there will be later on.


The site is very secure and through invitation only can eliminate issues or concerns especially in regards to parents. It allows parents to sit with their children and be involved in their postings and comments.  I could see it being used for homework posting and engaging the class in issues which prompt much discussion and possibly many different viewpoints.


It is definitely worth trying and the students will love the different approach to learning both at school and home.

But don’t just take my word for it have a look at this blog page by Justin Cowen who is a Business Education teacher who is  successfully using Edmodo with his middle school students.



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